I Can Crochet!!

It took me a very long time to get to grips with crochet now I think I’m a bit addicted (!) so I thought I’d show you some of the things I’ve made (you can see more on my Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/harryandflosscreations/) – if I can you can!!!! so come along to our crochet class on Monday mornings at Material Girls – call 07931095052 or email info@harryandfloss.co.uk for more details xx

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Hannah and Liam’s Bridesmaid Dresses

There’s nothing more complimentary than a Bride entrusting you with making her bridesmaid dresses and I’m thrilled that Hannah has asked me to help – I looking forward to helping her and Liam make their day really special – I’ll keep you posted with my progress, they are going to be gorgeous.  Last year my Son Dan and his then bride to be Laura got married and I had the privledge of making their bridesmaid dresses, plus some other bits and pieces, what an amazing day that was – here are a few pictures xx

dan and laura wedding


Vintage Goodies

We visited a vintage fair in Solihul on Sunday (http://www.vintage-fair.co.uk/) and bought some lovely goodies – the sequined and beaded lace was a snip and has inspired me to make more Christmas Fairies (nothing like planning ahead!!!) and the gorgeous hand embroidered pillow case will make a beautiful handbag, such a shame not to turn it into something when you consider the hours taken to sew it all those years ago – I’ll post pictures when they’re finished.  Go and have a look at your local vintage shops – a few have sprung up in the Redditch area lately and are definitley worth rummaging in!!  The ones I like are Vintage Love, Unicorn Hill Redditch, Vintage Home and Garden, Tardebigge Court Redditch and The Old Needle Works, Britten Street Redditch xx

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Christmas Tags

I tried my hand at making Christmas tree decorations with air drying clay this year – I’ve not had much success in the past as the clay was never strong enough when dry, but I used some made by a company called ‘Darwi’ and had great results.  (I purchased it from a stall at the NEC and now can’t seem to find where to buy more so if anyone knows a stockist please let me know).

I used Christmas stamps to emboss into the clay, then cut them out (better that way round as you get a cleaner edge) left them to dry a for a couple of days, turning them now and again and once dry filed any slightly rough edges – hey presto!!  I’m going to try making labels to hang from glass storage jars next time and tie them on with raffia – should look ok – I’ll post some pictures when they’re done!  xx